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K House Kandles

Welcome to K House Kandles where our moods make scents

KHK are mood inspired luxury scented soy & coconut candles made with amazing room filling fragrances. With Moods inspired by nature, travel, love, luxury and over all good vibes. Each candle we create is made with care and intentions and attention, using only the finest natural and sustainable ingredients.

K House Kandles
K House Kandles

What They're Saying

"I love K House Kandles. They are so beautifully made and the fragrances are amazing. I especially love the "Kanna Rose"


"I bought a K House Kandle for my wife as a gift and she absolutely loved it. The fragrance is so strong and it fills the whole room with a wonderful scent. I would definitely recommend K House Kandles.

- John 

"I use KHK to help me relax at the end of the day. These candles are my fav. It helps me to unwind and fall asleep quickly."

- Mary S.

I bought the Money MagiK candle it burned slow. And smelled so good. I also woke up to unexpected money in my cash app. it did it's magic.

- Vanessa

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